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My Surprise Wedding

When my husband asked me to marry him it was going to be his second marriage. Because he had already had a large wedding ceremony I assumed our wedding ceremony would be small and intimate and made plans accordingly. The wedding I planned was very simple.  I would not wear a traditional bridal gown, our witnesses and only guests were to be my future husband’s children. We would marry in our home town of Destin, Florida and for a wedding reception I envisioned having a small party for close family several weeks after the ceremony.

 My husband had other plans entirely. He did not feel it was fair to take away the traditional wedding from me simply because he had already had one. He decided to plan a traditional wedding himself in order to surprise me.

 He claims he had no help from a professional wedding planner, yet the wedding he created for me was simply perfect from start to finish. He somehow managed to think of everything from the bride’s dress right down to specially selected reception music

We had planned to marry on a Saturday. That day, I woke up to find my future step-daughter in my kitchen, with a silly grin on her face. She handed me a letter from my fiancé. The letter explained that today of all days should be special and memorable and that he would not take no for an answer. I was to listen to my step-daughter – she had all the details.

We started out by going to a beauty salon, where my hair and make-up was professionally done. My beautiful veil, designed to match my bridal gown was artfully blended into my hairstyle. After all the pampering and getting ready, my step-daughter took me to the beach, where my fiancé, family and friends were waiting. A minister married us at sunset – I cried.

After the beautiful ceremony, we headed off to the wedding reception. Once there I had time to take in all of the hard work my husband had put in. My wedding flowers were gorgeous, the menu tasty and well thought out. The wedding photographer did an excellent job catching all of the special moments. I got to cram wedding cake in his mouth and toss my bouquet. Even my step-daughter had on one of the most beautiful bridesmaid’s dresses I had ever seen. A wedding band played some of my favorite music and the decorations were just what I would have selected myself.

I simply cannot believe that my husband went through all of the work to create the perfect wedding for me. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. I now have a day full of wedding memories that I will cherish forever. From wedding flowers to our beautiful wedding cake, everything was simply perfect.

I knew well before our wedding that I was marrying a very special man, but the thoughtfulness and care he showed me that day were a genuine surprise. I am so very happy that I married him in Destin, Florida.

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