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Choose the right white for you!
Choosing a wedding dress color can often be frustrating. With stark white being the “it” color this season in everything… remember, not everyone can pull it off successfully!   The photo to the right is a prime example of what not to do! If you have a pail skin tone, go for an ivory or oyster colored wedding gown--something with a more brown town—but for goodness sake, stay far away from the yellow tones! You will likely look as though you have jaundice! If you are have a medium skin color, such as a buff or a latte, well… a white wedding gown could definitely work for you, especially, diamond white. if you are a brunette, ivory would also be very complimentary. Play around with some different yellow tones as well. Are you the darker skinned bride? Then definitely go stark white! It will make your skin-tone pop like crazy and give you a crisp and polished look! However, again, stay away from the yellow tones of ivory. Diamond white would also be lovely! The lighter the better in my book!
  white carnation dont go with white wedding dress

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